Unified Messaging

The essence of Unified Communications is breaking down barriers. Over recent years, we have all become used to having different ways of communicating, including telephones, e-mail, fax, voicemail, SMS text and web based applications such as instant messaging.

However, this also means that we would access these forms of communication through different individual interfaces, applications or devices.

Unified communications is a way to simplify, integrate and access these forms of communications that we use in our daily lives. With these tools you can reply to email with your voice, turn an IM into a conference call, or even answer your desk phone from the airport. No matter how, where, or when you communicate, you’ll have seamless access to the same familiar interfaces and company resources

Now this single interface can now be used to access these forms of communication, which in turn will increase the efficiency and response times, and so increase the effectiveness of your communications solution. When all your communications tools work together, you get more done.

Key Benefits

  • Improved staff productivity
  • Integration of real-time and non real-time communications
  • Fewer delays and quicker response times
  • Ability to view the presence and availability of personnel.
  • Provide the most effective means of communication
  • Reduced costs

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