Communication Systems for Business

Panasonic have been one of the leading providers of business telecommunication systems in the UK for many years and their systems provide the flexibility needed by businesses of all sizes. They can be configured to meet the growing needs of a business if at any time the business is looking to expand. A multi-site organisation needs integrated communications across multiple locations and time zones and Panasonic telecom systems offers that and more.

Panasonic telephone systems are flexible, robust, feature-rich and cost-effective. They range from simple digital systems with traditional desk based handsets to advanced VoIP based network communication platforms for large organisations based in several locations.

Communication Systems for Business

Panasonic provide a range of telephone systems that offer advantages like flexible call management, centralised communications’ management, wireless communication and more making them the perfect fit for businesses. Solutions include:

  • IP PBX Phone Systems
    • Combines the benefits of traditional telephone communications with IP technology
    • Offers feature-rich functionality
    • Reduces costs and improves efficiency by centralising the management of your communications
    • Has ability to handle all of your communication needs
  • Digital & Hybrid Phone Systems
    • Offers flexible call management and a varied terminal line-up
    • Allow you to migrate to IP functionality gradually, which can be useful when managing your budget.
    • Perfect solution for DECT and wireless communication needs
    • Loaded with advanced applications and features
    • Provides an efficient and flexible range of wired and wireless communications systems.

Southern Voice & Data can help your business to choose the best Panasonic solution that best suits your business and to reduce costs, save time, increase productivity and improve customer service.

Ideal Systems for any Industry

Panasonic business telephone systems are suitable for a number of industry sectors, including education, healthcare, sales, and public administration.

Accurate and enhanced routing options coupled with flexible integrations with computers make our telephone systems ideal for your business. With powerful and adaptable features, they provide you with everything you require to maintain contacts and manage current and prospective clients whether you are in manufacturing, distributing, finance, education or a public service organisation.

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