‘On-Hold’ Telephone Marketing Solutions

Southern Voice and Data are leading audio marketing providers, delivering professional messaging and music to hundreds of businesses across the UK.

On-hold marketing offers a dynamic and direct communication channel between you and your customers. Thousands of businesses across all sectors use on-hold messages to:

  • tell callers about promotions and/or new products
  • share information to up-sell your products and services
  • inform callers of opening times, holiday closures or other useful information
  • share company news and events
  • reduce caller hang-ups

Whilst on hold your callers learn more about your products and services whilst losing their perception of time.

Increasingly more business is conducted over the phone so it’s important you’re presented in the most professional and friendly manner possible.

Historically putting a caller on hold was considered a bad move. Not any more! This is your opportunity to continue informing your caller of important and interesting information about your brand, your business and its services.

  • 20% of businesses sales increased with on hold messages
  • 25% of callers stay longer due to on hold messaging
  • 70% of callers hang up after 30 seconds of silence
  • 34% of callers who hang up due to silence will not call back
  • 88% of callers prefer on hold messages to any other option

Imagine this…

You’re thinking of selling your house and give an estate agent a call.

Your call is answered and whilst you are being transferred to the right department you’re put on hold. Whilst waiting their on hold message tells you about the various options available to you, from details about a free valuation of your property through to special offers on fees and how your house will be promoted and how their financial adviser can help you get a great mortgage deal.

Rather than being annoyed about waiting you are being told key information that you need to know. This saves you and the business time while increasing the likelihood of getting your business.

Our Service

We will create tailored on hold messages for you. We will use the key information you want to convey, the products and services you want to promote, and the latest deals and offers you have. We work closely with you combining the knowledge you have of your business and industry with our specialist expertise.

Find out about our services, call us at 01793 863450 or send us a message