SIP Trunking

Session Initiation Protocol or SIP, is a communication protocol that facilitates openness, connectivity, simplicity, choice and personalisation. It is a standard that has been developed by the same standards body that were behind the Internet Protocol (IP).

Its simplicity, power and extensibility has led to SIP’s rapid adoption for other uses across the internet notably for use with Voice over IP and for Instant Messaging.

The benefits offered by VoIP as a way to merge voice and data networks, reducing costs and opening up new and powerful applications has been given a new degree of scalability and interoperability, thanks to SIP.

SIP trunks can cost £6 per month compared to £10-£20 for a BT line and SIP trunks also, usually, include FREE local, national and calls to mobiles (fair usage applies).

Most modern phone systems are SIP compatible so can connect to SIP trunks without extra hardware or upgrades as is the case with older phone systems.

If you would like more information on how SIP trunks could save your organisation money and improve business efficiency, please contact us. We would be delighted to discuss your SIP and wider telephony requirements with you.

What is SIP?

Very simply, it is a protocol which allows IP devices to set up calls between each other without any dependence on any specific network. The communication session begins when you connect with other parties and ends when connections are terminated, unlike the traditional PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network, where calls were controlled by a central exchange. 

What does SIP mean for my business?

The implications of SIP to your businesses can be significant. Today’s business environment increasingly relies on effective communication between people and locations. In addition, pressure to reduce your operating costs while innovating and increasing productivity has never been more intense. Add the desire for competitive businesses to offer better customer service, and the benefits of using the power of the Internet become all too clear.

 These benefits include:

  • A simplified communications network, with one set of cables to handle voice, data and video to every desk reducing system costs.
  • Easy set-up and changing of your VoIP communications.
  • Support for remote workers, by extending your company’s network to them, wherever they are.
  • Scalability, making it easy to build on your systems as your company grows.
  • Future proofing, protecting your original investment by adding new services and capabilities
  • Consistency across distributed organisations, by having the same dialling and access procedures to reach branch offices, home offices, teleworkers, and mobile employees
  • Fast ramp-up, when adding new branch offices or new employees or when reassigning or relocating staff
  • A choice of any geographic and non-geographic numbers for your office.

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