Hosted Telephony

Secure Business Hosted / Cloud VoIP Phone Services essentially bring all of your telecommunications together using a compatible secure internet connection. Whether you are a single or multiple site business or have remotely based employees, hosted telephone systems ensure that your communications have one single phone system. Hosted/Cloud VoIP Phone Services is an exceptionally affordable, flexible and scalable choice for today’s businesses. As all calls between users are free irrespective of their global destination, this option will show significant cost savings and keep the vital lines of departmental liaison open across all divisions improving your core business functions.

With the constant advances in technology, a traditional telephone system can potentially go out of date very quickly. With Hosted / Cloud VoIP Phone Services you simply connect to a server in a data centre meaning you always have the very latest business communication technology at your disposal.

Hosted/Cloud VoIP Phone Services uses Voice Over IP (VOIP) and SIP Trunking to provide a revolutionary approach to business communication. Instead of buying a traditional PBX (Private Branch Exchange) or switch that sits in your office and connects users to the public telephone network, a hosted telephony system sits in one, or more, secure data centres and is connected to your office by a high speed data connection providing the same features but with significant benefits.

Key Benefits

  • Uses the latest Cloud technology
  • Saleable
  • Cost saving reduced line rental charges
  • Affordable
  • Tablet, iPhone or laptop compatible with access to wireless internet connection
  • Hassle-free
  • Free calls on the same IP address
  • Various user licence/add-ons available
  • Superb call quality
  • Unlimited Capacity offering flexibility
  • Secure
  • Same traditional telephone functions
  • Space saving
  • Stores Data
  • Data is backed-up providing protection of critical business information
  • Easy to manage portal access to improve IT/helpdesk efficiency
  • No maintenance costs
  • Multi-site offices work as one
  • Built-in home working or remote working
  • Built-in disaster recovery

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