As well as supporting the older Nortel Meridian Norstar and Option, as well as the Nortel BCM 50, 200 and 400 and the 1000 systems, Southern Voice & Data supply and support legacy and the latest Avaya IP Office 500 phone systems, software applications and handsets to almost every region of the UK.

We have a highly qualified team of engineers who are fully accredited and can advise on any new requirements as well as upgrading existing Nortel & Avaya phone systems that you may have.

Customers with Nortel telephone systems often remember a time not too long ago when they had many choices for Nortel support and maintenance. However, since Nortel became part of Avaya group, research and development efforts began to focus mostly on the Avayas’ IP Office range whilst only a marginal provision was being provided for existing Nortel users to migrate to their present platforms. We believe that this has and could prove to be a bit of an expensive path for customers with these legacy systems and this is precisely where we come in—to provide unhindered support for all your Nortel, lg Nortel and lg ericsson related woes.

We, at Southern Voice and Data, will continue to provide support for all clients with existing legacy Nortel Meridian Norstar, Meridian Option and BCM Systems. Although these products have now been discontinued and are not available for new customers, we continue to provide support, new/refurbished parts, and service contracts across all corners of the UK.

We have a huge network and an access to spares and software to keep your existing equipment working and we can protect your investment for some time yet. Whether you have Nortel support and maintenance for a converged Nortel VoIP system that has been recently installed or upgraded, or a legacy Nortel system that you need to keep running for the long haul, Southern Voice and Data has a solution for you that is flexible, affordable and proven to be efficient. If you need telecom support and maintenance on a single Nortel telephone system or have a multi-site installation, new and old, large and small, we are here and we can help.

Whether it is a Nortel, BCM or Avaya phone system or IP solution your company runs on, you can count on the highly integrated services we provide.

Find out about our services, call us at 01793 863450 or send us a message