Telecoms Systems for Doctors Surgeries and Healthcare Providers

Southern Voice and Data have the experience and expertise to provide the ideal communications solution for Doctors Surgeries and Healthcare Professionals.

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Call Recording

Southern Voice and Data Surgeries and Healthcare Telecoms Solutions include a fast and fully integrated call recording solution.

  • Playback historic calls without delay
  • Tag, archive and add notes to any recorded call
  • Listen to calls by department, extension or individual
  • Monitor Patient calls to ensure quality of service
  • Reduce instances of abusive calls from patients
  • Provide proof of telephone advice given

Call Logging

Our Surgeries and Healthcare Telecoms Solutions includes most powerful call performance package to enable you to monitor your communications inside and out of the practice. Comprehensive daily reporting will be:

  • Identify missed calls
  • Highlight individual performance(s)
  • Identify bottle necks

EMIS Integration

Our Surgeries and Healthcare Telecoms Solution package is designed to enhance and support your processes. Integration with your computer system means that your telephone can evolve into its own database

  • Automatically “screen pop” the patients record
  • Reduce time spent answering calls
  • Share Instant Messages with other colleagues while you’re on a call

Patient Partner

This element of our Healthcare and Surgeries Communications Solution allows:

  • Seamless integration with your existing booking platforms
  • Full control for patients to book, amend or cancel appointments
  • Access to a comprehensive reporting package

On-Hold Messaging

This section of our Healthcare and Surgeries Communications package allows you to:

  • Turn tedious on-hold time into valuable and informative messages
  • Enhance the caller’s time on the phone; on-hold messages are statistically proven to enhance hold times, making them more engaging for the caller
  • Ensure patients are aware of latest initiatives and clinics.

The Latest Technology

  • Automated attendant answering
  • 24/7 DNA cancellation line
  • Panic alarms
  • Reduced abusive patient calls
  • Improved QOF performance
  • Enhanced staff efficiency

Technical Support

Our technical support will provide the following key advantages;

  • Remote and on-site support with no call-out charges
  • Your equipment replaced free of charge if something goes wrong
  • Option to cover extended hours
  • One number to call for any support issue

We understand just how important telephone contact with patients and healthcare services is for your practice  which is why our Doctors Surgeries and Healthcare clients benefit from 24/7/365 fault reporting.

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