With Voice over IP, SIP Trunking and Hosted Telephony, it has never been easier to enable staff to work from home or another remote location than it is now.

Southern Voice and Data offer a number of cost effective and productivity enhancing teleworking solutions, which combine the benefits to the business, individual and the environment with the wider issue of business continuity.

What are Home Working and Teleworking?

In essence, teleworking is the ability to work offsite, for example at home, at a customer’s office or on the move, whilst being in some way connected to the firm’s communications or office business systems.

Voice over IP has meant that employees have for some time had remote access to company email and intranet. Further advances in technology mean that employees can now have remote access to their office communications, via their mobile telephones, their portable laptop computers or via a local fixed land line.

Staff can now make and receive calls irrespective of their location as if they are sat at their office desk.

The Benefits of Home Working and Teleworking

Home Working or Teleworking can enable employers to grow their business without taking on additional costly office space, provide extended customer service hours or help provide cost effective additional resources during peak hours or to cover lunchtimes.

It can allow employers to recruit specialist key workers from a wider geographic with the options of occasional or regular home working options.

Home Working can reduce staff turnover by providing additional flexibility for example when staff are returning from maternity or paternity leave or have to move further from the office for any reason.

Home Working and Teleworking can provide effective disaster recovery contingency should access to the normal work place be restricted for any reason.

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It helps to rejuvenate local communities and reduce the waste and pollution of commuting. So at every level, individual, business, industry, society or even the whole economy, it brings benefits.

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