Call Centres

We provide a range of features that help organisations sort incoming calls, so they can be connected to the most appropriate agent in a multisite call centre.

Call Logging

Our call logging system has a full range of customisable reports for cost control, response management, traffic analysis, account code billing and much more. The system is suitable for both single and multisite locations.

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

Business today work faster and require increasingly better communications and connectivity with colleagues and of course customers and even suppliers. First impressions last so handling enquiries efficiently and being able to get the call to the correct person in your company quickly is paramount. Likewise when making calls out from your phone system, being able to make calls quickly and find contacts efficiently are of increasing importance.

Southern Voice & Data can help you achieve what you need with our range of CTI products.

CTI can help your business in the following ways:

  • Improve the service you provide your clients
  • Improve the efficiency of your staff when dealing with inbound enquiries
  • Improve the efficiency of your staff when making outbound calls
  • Capture information about the caller/ call type
  • Provide status visibility of users throughout the organisation

The more interaction that can be performed automatically or from a PC rather than the telephone, the quicker and simpler a user’s life is and the more cost effective they become. Increased user visibility, minimised training, contact directories etc. are all benefits of an easy to use CTI client.

Desktop CTI Features

Below is a list of the features available to users of Phone Client:

  • Call Control (Hang up, Transfer, Hold & Retrieve all from the PC)
  • Highlight & Dial any phone number from you PC
  • Screen Popping
  • Status Visibility
  • TAPI
  • Custom Development
  • CRM Integration

More information on our CTI Integration systems here.
More information on our CRM Integration systems here.

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